Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Are You Doing This Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is just a few days away-- and don't despair, there is still time to make a plan.  If you don't have a significant other to celebrate the day with you, then ask some friends if they want to get together for drinks or a movie, or offer to host a dinner, and in the meantime, treat yourself to something nice like a new outfit, a massage, mani/pedi, flowers, chocolates or special cupcakes.  It does not have to be anything major as long as you recognize Valentine's Day for yourself.  Why? Because the saying is true- you are not going to find the right love until you learn to love yourself.

Last V-Day I must confess was nothing to write home about.  No special someone (except for my lovable 10 year old son) and meanwhile looming over me was the thought that next year would be my 25th high school reunion.  Something would have to change if I wanted a different outcome for 2015, and so it is that my gift to myself shortly after Valentine's Day was to break out of my routine, expand my horizons and try to meet people that were not part of my usual lawyer/banker/doctor crowd.

They say that the universe brings opportunities to you when you are ready for them, and I have no doubt that whatever forces were at play were waiting for the right moment to have me connect with the man I was intended to fall for.  Funny thing is that if I would have put out an ad last year describing him, none of us would ever have believed he could even exist.  If you don't believe me, contemplate this as an ad: Single female ISO warm, kind, thoughtful man from Latin America, who speaks multiple languages, is well traveled, has a graduate degree and appreciates the arts.  Preferably a man that enjoys his work, but does not make work his life.  Someone who values religion and family, but is no longer interested in having more children and instead wants a companion to enjoy life.

Good things do come to those that wait.  Don't lose hope and think that there is no point in celebrating Valentine's Day without having a special someone in your life.  Acknowledge what you have-- friends, family and yourself, and then if you want to add to that do something different to open up the possibility for more love to find its way into your heart.

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