Friday, January 23, 2015

Why Dating Is A Lot Like Shoe Shopping

Why do I think dating is a lot like shoe shopping?  Well, because first of all one size does not fit all, and more importantly because we all buy different shoes for different reasons, depending on what we need at the time.  The same is true in the dating world.

Now, when I got divorced 10 years ago, lots of people told me "you are young and pretty, don't worry you will be remarried in no time."  Well, for a variety of different reasons, let's just say that did not happen, and honestly I'm glad it didn't.  I needed to enjoy my 30's as an independent woman.  Not only did I need the time to truly find myself, but more importantly I needed to appreciate my own strength and learn the beauty of what it takes to make a loving partnership work.

So, over the past decade, let's just say I tried on a lot of "shoes."  Some were very flashy, but not very practical.  Others were perfectly fine everyday wear, but lacked a special style.  Sometimes, I tried to settle for a shoe that just wasn't the right size, and that never worked out well.  But no matter what, I never lost hope that one day I would find that perfect fit, and finally that day has come-- turns out it had to be imported from Brazil.  Not only do they have great soccer players (despite this years World Cup performance) but they also seem to produce the most loving and caring lovers, well at least I'm basing that on my limited experience of one-- and that one is all I need.

When you find the right "shoe" you will know because it fits perfectly-- no need to break it in or suffer with any blisters.  It will feel like that shoe was made just for you.  Hold out for that one, and in the meantime, have fun shoe shopping!


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