Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Do Some Girls Love the Bad-Boy Types?

This topic has come up a lot lately, so as the Carrie Bradshaw of the divorce world, I guess I feel compelled to shed some more light on this topic. (1) Some people date these problem accumulaters because they like feeling needed. I suggest getting a job that fulfills this role and finding someone more put together to enjoy your down time, otherwise you will never have any down time. (2) Some people go for fixer-uppers either because they have self-esteem issues or they believe that someone who needs them, is less likely to leave them. Again, better to spend time working on yourself and then finding a good match instead of settling for a basket case that will drive you bonkers in the long run. (3) Many have the mistaken notion that they can change a person over time. Here is a newsflash- people are probably on their best behavior when dating; rarely does behavior improve after you all say "I do." (4) It is often said that opposites attract. Maybe, but I will just add that they rarely last. If you are not in sync with major core values, this is a recipe for disaster. (5) Sometimes, you just want to have fun and smart girls know they will never fall in love with a player. If this works for you, and you realize what you are doing, then great-- but just remember what they say about those that play with fire...

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